Only large fish organic searching

SEO optimization and website promotion to the Google and Yandex top

Website technical audit*

We perform a website technical audit for compliance with the search engines standards.


Website technical optimization monitoring*

We warn against appearance of pages with errors in the search engines index.

Uniqueness, mistakes, code and  website text punctuation auditing

Website content audit*

We optimize the content for the target audience needs and search engines to increase website traffic.


Website external links*

We analyze a website external link mass, identity poor-quality links and remove them.


Website external links monitoring*

We monitor the state of the external link mass, take measures to remove poor-quality links if it's necessary.

Website testing on Panda and Penguin filters by Google, removal of Google and Yandex filters

Search engines filters test and removal*

We analyze the website, give recommendations and remove the following filters: Panda, Penguin, Baden-Baden, Minusinsk, etc.


YouTube channel promotion in the internal YouTube and in organic search*

We simplify your YouTube channel searching in the internal searching and in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other systems organic search.


We carry out the independent audit seo works*

We analyze the work on optimization and advance of site. According to the results of analysis we give the assessment of effectiveness in the executed and additional recommendations.

We work with outsourcing agencies and take any values of SEO works

We do a website pre-audit for free

To get it you should write to us:

  • Your website URL
  • Search requests (if they exist)
  • And the history of all previous works done for this website (if they’ve been carried out)

to e-mail:

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